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Quality – Crème de la crème

Under the supervision and top management of DTX Group, NOCIR brings together Ricon Group good skills and resources to experienced, productive and knowledgeable workers who are able to meet the highest demands in the market.

This combines the best of business strategy with the production capacity and customer satisfaction in price, lead time, quality and innovation.



Through knowledge development we’re always looking for new partnerships, services and technology to help us serve you better. Giving answers to the challenges they give us.

We try to anticipate what you’ll need tomorrow, so you can start thinking about your options today.

In this sense, Nocir has invested in new and more efficient software and equipment being side by side with customers in whatever they need.


Nocir – Tailoring Experts

NOCIR is a textile company aimed at high-end clothing for men and women, with a global and integrated offer of products and services.

It incorporates a legacy of experience, competence aiming for a future with growth, diversification, innovation and always the best customer service.

Located in the heart of Portuguese textile industry NOCIR is part of a recognized and valued business group (DTX Group) where the companies “Malhas Sonix” and “DiasTêxtil” are examples of high quality at all levels.